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Maid You Great!® Process

Our Premium and High End Home Cleaning Services

Maid You Great! Premium Home Cleaning Service is a systematic approach to ensure we do a complete and thorough clean every time! We customize your cleaning plan room by room to make there is nothing missed! Our premium housekeepers & business owners take pride in helping your home reach it’s total potential.

Top to Bottom and Left to Right until we have MAID YOU GREAT!

  •  Every room is dusted Top to Bottom and Left to Right.
  • We begin with high dusting crown molding, removing cobwebs hiding in hard-to-reach corners, dust ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Our premium home cleaners work top down first. This efficient method allows the dust to settle so the remaining part of the room can be dusted once the dust has settled. If this step is done last or not in order it can create double work and contamination of areas that already have been cleaned.
  • During our initial deep clean we transition from the ceiling to your shelves, picture frames, furniture, counters and other surfaces. After dusting  & wiping the floorboards, we start room to room premium cleaning by getting rid of harmful bacteria, allergens and 99% of Germs by wiping down surfaces, doors, door knobs, light switches, thermostats, and other areas that germs reside for a nice shine, fresh smell and germ free home!

No Cross Contamination – LOOKS AREN’T EVERYTHING!

Bathroom, Kitchen, and Bed Room germs stay in that area then eliminated. Our bathroom cleaning cloths and mop heads never have a life outside the room they are used. They are specially coded cloths & mop microfibers to insure they are not used in other areas. (Having a bathroom rag on your kitchen table is not clean even if it looks like it!)

Our premium maid service includes finishing details, making beds with fresh linens, and emptying wastebaskets that will give your home the professionally cleaned, fresh look your family, friends and guest can be proud of and enjoy.


Never let cleaning stress you again.  After a long day at the office, on the errand trail or at school, Maid You Great! is the smart choice for premium home cleaning.


All Rooms

  • Dust and clean window sills, wall hangings and ceiling fans
  • High dust each room to remove any cobwebs or dust build up
  • Clean and polish entry glass doors and interior windows
  • Clean all blinds and baseboards
  • Vacuum all floors and stairs with air cleaning HEPA filtration backpack vacuums
  • Vacuum all furniture and under cushions
  • Change linens and make the beds
  • Mop all floors with microfiber


  • Coded microfiber cloths and mop pads in each bathroom eliminate cross contamination
  • Clean and disinfect toilets, showers, tubs and counter tops
  • Clean and polish mirrors and glass shower doors
  • Polish all fixtures
  • Mop all floors


  • Extra cleaning services like cleaning an oven or a refrigerator can easily be added as needed
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave, including glass turn-plate
  • Clean stove tops, including soaking and cleaning all burners and stove knobs
  • Clean and polish the front of all appliances
  • Dust and clean light fixtures
  • Clean counter tops and sink area
  • Hand-wipe cabinet doors
  • Damp mop all kitchen floors