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Why Maid You Great!

In Need of Premium and Luxury home cleaning services?

What makes us different and our benefits!

Premium Services – We specialize in premium and luxury home deep cleaning services. Rather your home is a 2000 Sqft Townhouse or 15,000 Sqft Estate Home, we have an experienced team paying close attention with our 24 hour guarantee.

Certified Green and Eco Friendly Products — Our hospital grade solutions are not only strong but safe for the environment and your family. Our products have a 5-8 minute kill time on E.coli and most bacteria and viruses. Leaving your home 99% Germ Free on treated areas. Especially great with new borns!

Quality that cares — Our cleaners have been extensively trained with ongoing weekly training and quality control checks by our QA manager remotely or in person with Maid You Great!. They have great pride in their work and have a vested interest in keeping you happy.

Superior Home Cleaning Processes — We use proven techniques and standards that are customized and tailored to your home. Our housekeeping company keeps your home eco-friendly clean, smelling fresh and germ free.

Team Consistency — 2 two teams are better than one! You get our same reliable, professional teams each time that understands your specific cleaning needs and goals. One team is your primary team and back up team for emergencies.

Leading-Edge Technologies — We use safe eco-friendly, hospital-grade disinfectants; HEPA filtration and triple filtration vacuums for cleaner floors and air; professional grade high dusters, professional grade microfiber mops, professional grade brushes, and color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to reduce cross-contamination.

Insured and Bonded — Peace of Mind and Clean Thoughts!. Our residential cleaners, are insured, bonded and have signed confidentiality statements.


— Our premium whole-house disinfecting process kills 99% of common bacteria and viruses by reaching and cleaning areas normal cleaning cannot reach.

It all adds up to superior cleaning and protection from harmful bacteria — by franchise owners who personally care for your home.